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The Pet Dog Waste Disposal Unit

C ollecting and disposing of buckets of his pets poo each day from his three dogs, Harley, Josh and Jaffa, led passionate dog lover Chris Glance to search for a better pet waste disposal solution, rather than emptying it into a bin. “I just didn’t feel right about transferring my problem onto someone else every time I put the waste in our bin, and besides the smell was horrendous!”
Mountains of Dog Poo During his exhaustive search for an odour free, environmentally friendly system to dispose of pet waste, Chris discovered how serious a health threat dog waste posed. “Sydney alone produces 1000 tonnes of dog waste each day. That’s each day! And pet waste either ends up in our waterways and beaches or turns to bacterial laced dust on our gardens or on parks and sports fields where our kids play, he said”
Labour of Love So, eight months later after mountains of research and painstaking laboratory testing by an environmental Micro Biologist, Chris’s company
CR Innovations developed a breathtakingly simple, effective and responsible environmental solution to the growing problem of pet waste disposal with the Dog Waste Disposal Unit.

dog waste disposal

Simply Dig, Place and Fill The bucket sized Digester is placed in a hole in the garden and surrounded by pebbles and soil. Water is filled to just below a row of holes half way up the bucket walls. The special Digester solution is added monthly. No Odour, No fuss, No Harm No Worries! Simply drop the dog waste in the Digester and replace the lid and let the system do the rest. No smell, No fuss, No worries and no harm to the garden or environment.
Health Danger Dog waste is full of harmful bacteria and even parasites which can be transferred to humans. “If we can all be a little bit more environmentally responsible, then everyone will be much better off’ says Chris Glance, the ‘greenie’ inventor.

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